The Itana Vendor marketplace is a collection of vetted service providers who are registered in the Itana Free Zone. These entities extend their services to fellow companies within the Zone, facilitating a structured and reliable framework for collaborative business engagements.

The vendor marketplace provides easy access for the vendors to a prime market of Itana businesses.

How the vendor marketplace works

Itana Business License holders users can easily access the vendor marketplace through the Itana app. Through the marketplace they can view the vendors available, the services they provide, price ranges of the services and easily contact the vendor to provide services.

Take a look at the growing vendor marketplace 🛍️.

Benefits of an Itana Vendor

Tax benefits of the Free Zone

FZEs operating within the Free Zone are exempted from Federal, State, and Local Government taxes. Therefore, transactions between FZEs, conducted in the Free Zone and/or outside the country are free of company’s income tax.

In addition, purchases made by an FZE from a business in the customs territory (i.e. outside the Free Zone but in Nigeria), are also exempted from VAT and Withholding tax. However, businesses operating in the customs territory are subject to VAT for purchases made from FZEs.

Client referral from our network

Itana is onboarding thousands of international companies building a presence, operating, and growing in Nigeria. By being our preferred vendor partner, Itana will highlight your business to new companies in our network.

Official launch partner

Itana is planning an official launch event in Q2 of 2024. We will be inviting an exclusive group of companies, investors, and government officials in our network to celebrate with us at this exciting event. During this event, we will be showcasing our vendor partners in various marketing channels.